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Mirella Mordoki Speaks Out About Developing Strong Lifestyle Habits and Always Learning

Mirella Mordoki and her husband Alberto Mordoki have been involved in drywall and construction businesses for many years. She is currently the controller of the construction business.

A Conversation with Mirella Mordoki About Developing Strong Lifestyle Habits and Always Learning

Mirella Mordoki is married to Alberto Mordoki and together they have been involved in drywall and construction businesses for many years.  She is currently the Controller of their construction business. 

How Technology Has Impacted Financial Management

Financial management is not something everyone has in his or her skillset. In fact, financial literacy is not widely taught in schools, with only some states requiring high school students to take a course on the important subject. 

2 News Press Release: Mordoki Interview

“My biggest lesson in life has been to still persevere after being let down and to trust again. Trusting people is a challenge for me.”

Mirella Mordoki Speaks Out About Developing Strong Lifestyle Habits and Always Learning

Mirella Mordoki was recently featured in an exclusive interview with Thrive Global. She spoke primarily about developing strong lifestyle habits, continuously learning, and motherhood.

WENY News: Mordoki Interview

In the interview, Mrs. Mordoki shared that when her youngest son graduated from high school, she had to adjust to the change. It ended up having a positive effect on her, as it made her realize that in the process of caring for her children, she had forgotten to take care of herself.

Mirella Mordoki’s Guide To Small Business Accounting

Successful businesses all have one thing in common — the owners know and understand “the numbers.” The trouble is that accounting is not the most exciting part of running a small business. 

The Importance of Keeping Your Business Organized

A sound system of organization is one of the most important aspects of operating a successful, long-standing business, reinforcing its ability to reach targets, prioritize goals, and plan for the future.

A Little About Me

Hi everyone and welcome! My name is Mirella Mordoki and I am an entrepreneur located in Fullerton, California. I am married to my husband, Alberto Mordoki, and together we have been involved in the real estate, dry wall, and construction businesses for many years. 

The Importance of Spending Time with Family

When it comes to business, it takes a lot of effort and time to be successful. However, you also need to maintain a healthy work-life balance and that includes spending time with those closest to you — your family.

New Business Management Trends & Procedures

The way the world does business is changing at an alarming rate, from thinking outside their own borders to moving their operations entirely online. With this comes a needed change in how businesses are managed, says Mirella Mordoki, an entrepreneur based in Fullerton, California.

Ways You Can Make Working at Home Work Best for You

Since March of last year, the global coronavirus pandemic has forced companies all over the world to implement voluntary or mandatory work-from-home policies. For many people, the work-from-home lifestyle is fairly new, forcing some changes to daily work habits and routines

The Importance of Building Strong Relationships for Your Career

As humans, we all share a basic need for connection. Being motivated to develop and maintain relationships with others is a natural part of our genetic make-up. In fact, a lack of connection can impact our health, our ability to adapt, and our overall well-being.

Mirella Mordoki Shares Top Business Management Software for 2021

Business management software includes solutions to help organize your business in an easier way. This type of software features applications that assist in managing all facets of a business, from sales and marketing to HR and software development.