Mirella Mordoki

A Conversation with Mirella Mordoki About Developing Strong Lifestyle Habits and Always Learning

Mirella Mordoki is married to Alberto Mordoki and together they have been involved in drywall and construction businesses for many years.  She is currently the Controller of their construction business. 

When Mirella first met Alberto, she was working as an assistant in a real estate office.  In the year 2000, Alberto asked her to begin helping in the office when an assistant could not come in that day.  She started coming in and it turned out that she stayed and continued to help.  At the time she did not know anything about the business, but she had studied accounting in her own country, Mexico, and she knew some programs on the computer, so it was easy for her to learn.  She took a QuickBooks and a construction administration course.  She is a great organizer and began handling the accounting, payroll, and financial aspects of the company.